Santa Cruz Thursday 7:30 pm meeting

408-479-4119 (call and leave a message, text not active)

Where: 104b Agnes Street (end of Park Way South), Santa Cruz, CA 95062 Or on Zoom 818-188-679, ACIM

Electronic Map Address: 104 Park Wy S, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 https://goo.gl/maps/hDjUkbN1wKS2

The building is actually at the south end of Agnes Street, but eMaps/GPS will not find it there. Park Way South ends into Agnes. Enter through the small Gazeebo Archway, look for wind chimes and stained glass, then proceed to the Barn Studio.

Zoom during quarantine. Email for information.

Street View

What is A Course in Miracles?

A Course in Miracles is a self-study book on enlightenment that was channeled 30 years ago by an aethiest pschologist. The coherence and sheer power of the material convinced her, eventually, not to keep it a secret. Now with over 2 million copies of this amazing book published, it is available at bookstores everywhere and on-line. It uses Christian terms and acknowledges Jesus as the author, but the student quickly recognizes the Buddhist nature of the teachings.

There are four parts to this 1300-page book. The Text is a theoretical discourse on how your own thoughts make the world you see and all the emotions you experience. It discusses the fundamental change of mind that will guarantee you peace and happiness -- the miracle -- which is a shift in perception from wrong-minded to right-minded thinking. It uses the analogy of a dream state to help you choose a happy dream in preparation for enlightenment, instead of further addiction to a dark and limited illusory reality of the world you see.

The Workbook is a one-year guide with 365 lessons to take you daily on a journey of choosing peace in your every-day world. They start out with a bang:

Lesson #1 "Nothing I see means anything" and follows up the next day with reason:

Lesson #2 "I have given everything I see all the meaning that it has for me."

The Manual for Teachers is an 80-page discusson of terms. The Course describes a Teacher as one who lives in peace, not one who stands up and tells others what's what.

The Supplements discuss some basics of the Course in a summary way, covering Prayer, Forgiveness, and Healing as well as psychotherapy from a spiritual perspective. It describes first the wrong-minded approach to each, then the right-minded.

How the Meeting is Run

Free and open to the public. Join or leave and rejoin any time or just stop by on a whim. The meeting is informal and the room is super comfortable with loads of pillows (100?!) and only a few chairs. We start with a 10 minute silent meditation, and finish with a group prayer. We have books free to use during class. There is no formal teacher, but a 27-year student facilitator and we usually have two or more very experienced students who can guide any questions to be answered by the book. Hear how it works from the room! We tend to laugh alot because busting the ego can be so funny at times.

The purpose of the meeting is clearly to discuss the teaching of A Course In Miracles, as we all have learned this is the most consistent and powerful path we have found to enlightenment. We may do some off-topic spiritual discussions, but never for long. Please note, we LOVE THIS MATERIAL and do not speed read through it -- we savor by discussing the wisdom theirin and other places in the book that realate. The simple questions are the most important to answer, ever more clearly, for both beginners and advanced students.

Listen to the meetings here.

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