What is A Course in Miracles?

A Course in Miracles is a self-study book on enlightenment that was channeled in 1967 over 7 years by an aethiest psychologist. The coherence and sheer power of the material convinced her, eventually, not to keep it a secret. Now with over 2 million copies of this amazing book published, it is available at bookstores everywhere and on-line. It uses Christian terms and acknowledges Jesus as the author, and the student quickly recognizes the Buddhist nature of the teachings as well. The best of the greatest religious and spiritual truths and combined and interwoven throughout.

Students describe it this way:

There are four parts to this 1300-page book. The Text is a theoretical discourse on how your own thoughts make the world you see and all the emotions you experience. It discusses the fundamental change of mind that will guarantee you peace and happiness -- the miracle -- which is a shift in perception from wrong-minded (body level) to right-minded (spirit level) thinking. It uses the analogy of a dream state to help you choose a happy dream in preparation for enlightenment, instead of further addiction to a dark and limited illusory reality of the world you see.

The Workbook is a one-year guide with 365 lessons to take you daily on a journey of choosing peace in your every-day world. Nearly all spiritual books end with positing nice ideals. ACIM takes you by the hand and guides you with daily teachings, meditations, and personal challenges to apply the corrections the text sets forth and thereby integrate this happy wisdom into your life. They start out with a bang!:

Lesson #1 "Nothing I see means anything" and follows up the next day with reason:

Lesson #2 "I have given everything I see all the meaning that it has for me."

The Manual for Teachers is an 80-page discusson of ACIM terms. This is a Q and A section that is a great place to start. The Course describes a Teacher as one who lives in peace because it works, not one who stands up and tells others what's what.

The Supplements discuss some basics of the Course in a summary way, covering Prayer, Forgiveness, and Healing as well as psychotherapy from a spiritual perspective. It describes first the wrong-minded approach to each, then the right-minded.

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