Guided Meditations for your Spiritual Ear

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Breathing Joy     (10 minutes)

Inspired from Journey Beyond Words, this meditation celebrates your freedom to find joy everywhere.

Out of the Jungle   (13 minutes)

Inspired by ACIM, this meditation is for those who are on a vigilant journey to get out of the ego
and all of its entangling ways. The machété is decision making. Going toward the light is moving toward
heaven via the call of the Voice for God , the Holy Spirit, or Right Thinking. The jungle is the world
of time, space, bodies or in other words, the ego.

Journey Beyond Words Finale     (10 minutes)

Direct quotes paraphrased from the final chapter of Brent Haskell's Journey Beyond Words,
which is a Miracles Study Book that is closely, closely tied to ACIM.

God Is...     (10 minutes)

60 instances from A Course In Miracles where "God is..." is written. Although the Course
says much more about God, this recording captures all the uses of " God is" with duplicates removed.
It is beautifully accompanied by uplifting music from Frederic Delarue.

ACIM Text Italics     (12 minutes)

Snippets from the Spiritual Ear recording of ACIM Part I: The Text.
There are many passages that are indented and italicized in A Course In Miracles. These prayers are offset
in the audio with harp music in the background. This file is a compilation of these wonderful quotes.


The Forgotten Song     (6 minutes, 30 seconds)

A meditation about divine light and your identity with whistful piano music playing under
two paragraphs read from Text Chpt. 21 Section 1, The Fogotten Song.


The Dance of Light & Life     (4 minutes)

A meditation about the intertwining of Light and Life, how each is a manefastation
of the other. Inspired by Lesson 44.


The Miracle     (5 minutes)

ACIM Intensive Meeting Audio: Derived from the workbook instruction on W473 and set to music.


Finding Your Brother     (9 minutes)

ACIM Intensive Meeting Audio: Meditation takes you on a moody journey to find the love beneath appearences.
Uses multiple excerpts from ACIM on "your brother".


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